Introduction to NetSuite Course

Our free Basics of NetSuite course will familiarize you with the fundamentals and is perfect for anyone who’s new to NetSuite or struggling to adopt NetSuite as their primary business platform.

Learn the basics of NetSuite so that you and your team can leverage the system to its fullest potential. Take the free introductory course right here.

Course curriculum

    1. Course Introduction

    2. NetSuite Glossary

    1. Logging In - Temporary Password

    2. Logging In - Emailed Link

    3. Changing Login Details

    4. Two-Factor Authentication

    1. Home Dashboard Overview

    2. Role-Specific Dashboards

    3. Customizing the Dashboard

    4. Customizing Portlets

    5. Reminders Portlet

    6. Quick Search Portlet

    7. Setting User Preferences

    1. Employee Center Overview

    2. Time Sheet Logging

    3. Expense Reports

    1. Global Searches Overview

    2. Global Search Tips & Tricks

    1. Navigating Records

    2. Managing Activities

    3. Creating New Customers

    4. Creating New Cases

    5. File Cabinet

Basics of NetSuite

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  • 4 hours of video content